Werewolf - Tides of Change
Welcome, Uratha, to the forum for the players of the Auckland based Werewolf LARP set in the World of Darkness:

"Werewolf - Tides of Change"

IMPORTANT: Please register for the forum using your real first and last name (thats your name as a player not your characters name) as your screen name until your private forum has been created, as it helps the admin work.

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 About Werewolf - Tides of Change

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PostSubject: About Werewolf - Tides of Change   Wed 13 Apr 2011, 4:48 pm

Tides of Change is the forum for an Auckland based Werewolf: The Forsaken LARP, starting October 22. Game is live.

If you wish to join the game, please join the forum using your real first and last name. We will then create a personal forum for you to communicate with the ST's. You may then submit a character concept for approval. Once you concept has been approved, please change your forum name to your character's name.

Please check out the house rules and public knowledge forums.
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About Werewolf - Tides of Change
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