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 The Visions of Mother Luna, in the Human Month of July

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Eligio Averinov
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PostSubject: The Visions of Mother Luna, in the Human Month of July    Fri 10 Aug 2012, 5:33 pm

All Alphas receive the following, in handwritten format, delivered personally by the author, Eligio Vincenzo.
Eligio will only physically hand this paper to the Alpha of a pack, or to one the Alpha has personally told him is trustworthy.

To the Alphas of the People of Auckland,
The visions of the Cahalith, Dreamers of the Pregnant Moon, as faithfully collected by Eligio Vincenzo.
May Luna's Wisdom guide us.

Brandi, of Claws of the South
Wandering through her territory, she notices a man sitting on a park bench, throwing bread to a few pigeons. Suddenly, the vision begins; a white dove swoops down from above and attacks one of the pigeons. There is a cacophony of shrill chirping, before the dove leaves the pigeon in a bloody mess. Looking away briefly, the vision ends; when her gaze returns to the pigeon, it is whole, and happily eating at a slice of bread.
Brandi offers two interpretations.
Firstly, the Pure will attack one of the Packs of the People.
Secondly, the vision warns of a Crime Lord by the name of "The Dove".

Mordecai, of Howls at the Breach
Mordecai catches his prey on the hunt for food, but has a vision of it turning and speaking to him; "You must apply ammonia before the bandages."
He believes that the vision means 'a cleansing must happen before the healing process can begin.'

Nathan Spangler, of Novye Volki
The vision is of a thief, stealing a book, a prominent book, one which is obvious.
He believes this may indicate Eligio's notebook.
A picture of a wolf and a crescent moon appears too.
He believes this identifies the thief.

Adeline Vincenzo, of Novye Volki
While reading a book, the vision begins. A beaker of a chemical, light green in colour. A dark figure lights a lighter, throwing it at the beaker. A large explosion occurs, and Adeline closes the book quickly. Upon reopening the book, a treehouse is seen. The vision ends.

Hallvard, of De Trofaste Folgesvenner
While working on the computer, Hallford sees the mouse indicator turn to an hourglass. Perplexed, since this operating system does not use that indicator, Hallford watches the vision continue, sand falling through the hourglass. As the sand falls, the screen displays images of sick and dying wolves. The final grains of sand fall, and the computer crashes.

Jormagund, of Vilfarne Folgesvenner
While performing a gig in a public place, Jormagund sees a man in the crowd wearing a black suit with a purple tie. As his attention is on this man, the man is beset upon by a hyena, which tears him apart. Stunned, Jormagund stops playing, and the vision ends, the man is fine.
Jormagund postulates that hyenas may represent wolves from South Africa.

Allan Coster, of The Young Bloods
While walking past an electronics store, Allan sees a repeating clip played upon the televisions for sale in the window - a scene of Frankenstein building his monster. The clip repeats over and over, looping despite an employee pulling the cable of the television out.

Eligio, of Jade Talon
Eligio is woken in the middle of the night by the sound of what appears to be two dogs fighting. Looking out the window he sees two packs of wolves; one with silver fur and one with normal fur. The silver wolves leave, taking one of the regular wolves with them.
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The Visions of Mother Luna, in the Human Month of July
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